Alpha Kappa Psi


spring 2021 rush



Information Night


Tues, Jan 26th | 7:30pm-9:30pm

Come learn about AKPsi and what makes us unique. Info Night is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Once signed up, individual Zoom links will be sent to you via email the day on Info Night.

Dress is Business Casual.

Coffee Chats


Sun, Jan 31st | 12:00pm-2:00pm

Meet active members in a more personal setting to get any of your questions answered. This event is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. Once signed up, an individual Zoom link will be sent to you via email.

Dress is Smart Casual.

First Round Interviews


Mon, Feb 1st

Signups for first round interviews will be sent to you via email. Individual Zoom links will be sent to you via email. Please reach out to the rush team with any issues.

Dress is Business Casual.

Social Night


Wed, Feb 3rd | 8:00pm-9:30pm


Get to know our active members in a more casual setting. Individual zoom links will be sent to you via email.

Dress is Smart Casual.

Final Round Interviews


Fri, Feb 5th


Sign ups for final interviews will be released soon and individual Zoom links will be sent to you via email.

Dress is Business Professional.


spring 2021 rush video

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“I knew from the moment I accepted my bid into AKPsi that I wanted to make a difference in the organization as they had already given me over 100 new friends and countless opportunities both philanthropically and professionally. I took a role during my pledge semester which opened a door of new opportunities, one being my position today as I will be a smiling face serving as a Pledge Parent Coordinator this semester.”

-Dotun Adelabu, Freshman



Rush Team

A letter from the Rush Team

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Alpha Kappa Psi Epsilon Chapter’s Spring 2021 Rush process! As the nation’s oldest and largest business fraternity, we aspire to further the personal, academic, and professional growth of our members while positively impacting the community around us. Through the rush process, we’re able to meet the next group of ambitious, gifted, unique, and caring students that will help us expand and improve our brotherhood. 


For this Spring 2021 Rush semester, our theme is “Rewrite Your Story.” It’s no secret that the past year has been a difficult time for everyone, but with this new semester comes a new opportunity to grow as a person, learn as a professional, and find a new home for the rest of college and beyond. As we look towards the brighter days ahead, this Rush is a chance to rewrite your college story now, while taking control and driving your passions in the right direction in the future. By  joining  Alpha Kappa Psi, you’ll  develop  lifelong  friendships,  network  with

corporate sponsors and alumni, and learn how to operate in the professional world so you can land your dream job- and we want to be there to help you every step of the way. 


Through workshops, corporate events, mentorship, and much more, you’ll build your skillset as a young professional. By volunteering at philanthropy events, working closely with the Gies College of Business, and taking on positions to improve our chapter moving forward, you’ll find ways to give back to the U of I community and make a real impact during your time on campus. Finally, most importantly, you’ll build relationships that turn into unbreakable friendships and find a home on campus in a year where everyone needs it by taking advantage of the brotherhood that sets us apart from others on campus.


As your Spring 2021 Rush Chairs, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about the Epsilon Chapter at UIUC, explore our website, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram to get the most up to date information on our Virtual Information Night. Feel free to email us with any questions, and we look forward to meeting you on campus soon!



Kyle Ingram, Grace Konczyk, AnnaLee Tvaroh, and Ethan Fazio

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Rush FAQs

What is Rush?

Rush is the process by which students engage in professional and social settings for the purpose of getting to know chapter members as well as for chapter members to get to know potential new Brothers.

What can I expect from Rush?

Rush is a chance to learn about the many opportunities Alpha Kappa Psi has to offer, and get to know the brothers of our fraternity. There are four different rush events, each being held virtually and with its own focus.

  1. For Information Night, the purpose is primarily to provide information on Alpha Kappa Psi and our chapter. At this event, current brothers and alumni will speak about their experiences, and potential new members sign up for a first round interview slot.
  2. First round interviews allow our brothers to get to know rushees on a deeper level, and are conversational. Both information night and first round interviews are business casual.
  3. If invited back, rushees will then continue with the rush process by attending our social night, where they will get to know the brotherhood of our chapter. This event is smart casual.
  4. The final rush event focuses on professional development and consists of a mandatory interview, similar to that of a job interview, and is business professional.

Can I still rush if I am unable to attend Information Night?

Yes. If you are unable to attend Information Night, you will be able to sign up for first round interviews when the link is opened to rushees. Please contact the rush team at with any questions about interview scheduling.

What does Alpha Kappa Psi offer its members for professional development?

Alpha Kappa Psi prides itself on its professionalism. To ensure all members are prepared for the business world, we provide activities like resume critiques, mock interviews, case competitions, business etiquette lessons, networking events, our individualized mentorship program, and much more. This past semester we held over 24 virtual professional workshops, some of which include career paths both inside and outside of Gies, personal branding, virtual recruiting, investing, LinkedIn and Handshake, and internship success. We also host a Commerce Night Out (CNO) which provides our members with a more informal setting to network with business professionals following the Career Fair.

What does it mean to dress smart casual, business casual, and business professional?

  • Smart casual dress means attire can be everyday wear; however, be sure to remain presentable.
  • Business casual is neat, crisp, and classic. The basics include khaki or dress pants, and a long-sleeved, buttoned solid shirt or polo for men and a blouse for women.
  • Business professional dress requires both men and women to wear suits.

Would I be able to join Alpha Kappa Psi if I am in a social sorority or fraternity?

Yes, Alpha Kappa Psi currently has a healthy mix of members who belong to other Greek organizations and those who do not; however, it is important to realize that Alpha Kappa Psi is a large time commitment, particularly during pledgeship, that cannot be overlooked.

If I do not get a bid the first time can I rush again?

We highly encourage everyone to rush again if they do not receive a bid the first time around and truly want to join Alpha Kappa Psi. There is absolutely no penalty for rushing again; in fact, many members in our fraternity have rushed multiple times.

What kind of people does Alpha Kappa Psi look for?

We expect prospective members to be highly motivated, committed, and passionate. We look for an individual's potential to grow as much as we look at their present qualities.

What are the formal requirements for joining Alpha Kappa Psi?

All members are required to maintain a 2.75 GPA or above, have an interest in business, be eligible to be members for at least 3 semesters, and have completed the rush process.

What is Pledging?

When you accept your bid with Alpha Kappa Psi, you will take part in a pledge process in which your skills are tested and your weaknesses are refined. During this time, you and your pledge class will take part in professional workshops, philanthropic community work, and chapter-wide events where you will learn the true meaning of Brotherhood, Professionalism and Teamwork.

How are you dealing with the effects of COVID and its impact on the rush process?

We plan to abide by current restrictions regarding large gatherings and wearing personal protective equipment throughout the rush process to ensure the safety of rushees and our active members. With this in mind, we have chosen to make our process virtual.

What will pledgeship look like?

Our active members are eager to get to know all new pledges and will work tirelessly to ensure that the experience is as fulfilling as possible. We will continue to uphold our core values through a hybrid of virtual and regulation approved in-person events so pledges can have the opportunity to excel their professionalism, give back to the community, and immerse themselves into our brotherhood.

Am I able to rush if I am completely remote during the semester?

Absolutely! As our rush process is adapted to being completely virtual, we will allow those taking their classes from home to participate in the rush process. Taking classes from home has no effect on your acceptance into the fraternity.