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Alpha Kappa Psi
Spring 2023 rush

Alpha Kappa Psi
Spring 2023 RUSH




Information Night

Jan. 25th | 7:00PM - 9:00PM | Illini Union


An opportunity for all rushees to learn more about AKPsi and what makes our chapter unique. This event is mandatory in order to sign up for a first round interview and you can fill out this interest form for important updates. If you are unable to attend, please email as soon as possible.



Dress is Business Casual

Meet & Greet

Jan. 29th | 12:00PM - 2:00PM | Siebel Center for Design


An event that provides rushees the chance to network with our brothers in a more casual setting. This event is optional, but highly encouraged. Spots are limited and advanced registration is required and will be emailed out to those who attend information night or email an excuse to

Dress is Smart Casual


First Round Interviews


Jan. 30th | Illini Union


First Round Interviews are a way for our brothers to get to know rushees on a deeper level. These interviews are conversational and will consist of a 15-minute time slot for each rushee.

Dress is Business Casual


Social Night


Feb. 1st | 6:30PM - 8:30PM | YMCA Wright St.


Social Night is an event that provide rushees with the chance to get to know our brothers on a more personal level. This event typically consists of interactive games and casual networking.

Dress is Smart Casual

Final Round Interviews


Feb. 3rd | Illini Union


The Final Round Interviews are more professional and are aligned with a typical behavioral interview. Sign ups for a 10-minute interview time slot will be available at our Social Night.

Dress is Business Professional

Rush Schedule
Rush Video

Spring 2023 rush video

Why Choose AKPsi?
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“Having the opportunity to rush and pledge AKPsi has truly taught me the delicate balance between discipline and fun. As a first-semester freshman, I saw college as a chance to push myself, to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. AKPsi exceeded all my expectations because not only did I learn to go out of my comfort zone, but I learned to thrive in it. Attending workshops, expanding networks, and spending every free time with my pledge class helped me experience college to the fullest and I am so excited for all there is to come!”

-Lucia Lin, Freshman

Our Rush Team/Letter

A letter from the Rush Team


       Thank you for expressing interest in the Alpha Kappa Psi Epsilon Chapter’s Spring 2023 Rush process! Our chapter is built on the foundation of brotherhood, philanthropy, and professionalism that all our brothers exemplify through their various endeavors. Our semesterly recruitment process, known as rush, allows us to grow our chapter by extending invitations to individuals who are committed and passionate towards these values. Currently the Epsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi has more than 150 active members in addition to being the oldest and largest business fraternity at the University of Illinois. Each of our brothers strive for greatness in their own personal pursuits, while also eagerly giving back to our chapter, the university, and the Champaign-Urbana community.

        As the Spring 2023 Rush process begins, we are ecstatic to announce our theme: “Light Your Path.” This theme embodies our chapter’s goal to help each individual navigate their unique path throughout college and beyond. We see Alpha Kappa Psi as the guiding light to help you uncover your true potential by learning from the diverse experiences of our chapter. Our members constantly strive to become the best version of themselves, while developing both personally and professionally. Each one of you is on your own journey, and the pledgeship process will help you discover the bright future that lies ahead. By rushing Alpha Kappa Psi, you are taking the first step towards potentially joining an organization that will offer you unparalleled opportunities and resources.

        As a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, you will have the opportunity to develop and further refine your abilities as a professional through a personalized mentorship program, networking sessions with our corporate sponsors and alumni, and a variety of development-based workshops. By volunteering our time towards various philanthropic efforts, working closely with the Gies College of Business, and providing a plethora of leadership opportunities within our organization, we are confident that you will be able to become the best possible future leader in the business world. Alongside the professional aspects of our fraternity, the brotherhood of Alpha Kappa Psi provides our members a home away from home. From lifelong friendships, travel buddies, roommates, and so much more, our members have redefined what it means to be a brother.

        As your Spring 2023 Rush Chairs, we encourage you to learn more about what our Epsilon Chapter is all about. You can do so by following us on Instagram (@uiuc.akpsi), liking our Facebook page, following us on LinkedIn, and checking back on this website for the most up-to-date information throughout the entire rush process. Feel free to email us with any further questions at Our chapter is excited to meet you!




Alba Note, Anita Gugulski, Suraj Roy, and Danny Metzger

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